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6 reasons why your business should be using high-quality photography on social media

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LAST UPDATED 27th September 2022

PUBLISHED 26th July 2021

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When it comes to the quality of your social media photography, are you really giving it the attention it deserves? 

Today, people scrolling through social media have an attention span of seconds. As a result, imagery is SO important in social media, it allows you to grab the attention of a social media user, and to control how you are perceived by your target customers. 

Think about it, which social media accounts would you share content or buy from? What makes them stand out? Would you buy from a company with low-quality imagery? They don’t seem genuine, right? You’ll notice that social channels with poor-quality imagery tend to have poor engagement. Spending a little on high-quality photography will help you convert followers into customers. 

Images grab your audience’s attention 

Let’s face it, social media is saturated. Utilising scroll-stopping and high-quality photography is a great way of grabbing your audience’s attention. After all, social media posts which are accompanied by imagery are ten times more likely to gain engagement according to the social media examiner. 

Our brains respond quickly and positively to images in comparison to large amounts of text. Take a look at the screenshot below, the image helps aid the copy. If this wasn’t accompanied by an image, how would you feel about it? Would you stop to read it? 

To truly get the attention and engagement you want, you have to share images that grab the interest of your audience. Start by finding out what visuals matter to your prospects and followers.


Build your brand identity 

Posting imagery that is instantly recognised as being part of your brand will help to build your brand’s identity. The key is to keep it consistent across various different social media channels. When people see similar colours, patterns, or imagery anywhere else, they’ll think of your brand. In marketing, we call this brand association. 

Take EL&N Cafe’s Instagram. They post consistent imagery tailored to their brand’s colour palette which also includes floral patterns. You would know straight away these photos represent EL&N. 


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Of course, you would want your products and services to be represented consistently across all channels. Keeping the visual brand identity consistent will help your potential customers or clients to understand that your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are all connected. 

Using relevant imagery across your social media channels allows you to gain attention, communicate your message, increase engagement, and build loyalty towards your brand. If you want to stand out, carefully develop a visual brand identity like you would a sales pitch. 


Imagery shows your product or service in action 

Photography shows your potential customers or clients how your product or service is intended to be used. Got a skincare product? Photography can show off your product, how it should be used, as well as its texture all in one photo! This can also be important for health and fitness based products like ebikes and sports equipment. Similarly, photography can demonstrate your service whilst also pushing the authenticity, and can even build trust when a face is put to a business! 

Check out these images below we shot for one of our audiology clients, Isabella Fisher. To demonstrate the quality of the services she provides, we ensured to get high-quality headshots, candids of her staff in action, and their workspace. 

isabella fisher independent hearing care consultation


Images help your potential customers or clients remember your message

A study by John Medina shows that people only remember 10% of what they hear once 72 hours have passed. Although, if you pair relevant imagery with your copy, people can remember 65% of the information after three days. 

This huge jump in retention shows how important quality images are when building a brand and communicating your marketing message. Text-based information can be inefficient when on its own, so be sure to include relevant high-quality imagery to keep your audience interested!


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The true picture 

Businesses will be judged by their reputation. Therefore, consumers want to buy from a professional and quality company. High-quality photography is the key to giving your business the image of a professional business that sells quality products or services. 

Take the two screenshots below. The left is dark, blurry and most importantly, suffering from low engagement (compared to the following). The right image is tailored to the brand’s colours, has even lighting, is in focus, and to prove high-quality images concur, it has much higher engagement. 


Capture your products or services in the best way

Evidently, you want to show your services or products off so potential customers will make a purchase. The best photography for social media provides an image where people will feel they can benefit from it. Whether you photograph a flat lay telling a story through props, show off your products being used in more realistic situations, or have candid photography of your service, these can all provide attraction from your target customers. 

Think about the kind of photography your potential customers or clients would benefit from. Do you have a product that may be confusing to use? – Capture imagery of it being used, show that it is simple to use! 



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Need a hand creating high-quality photography? 

From lifestyle, food, product, portraiture, to real-life, our Manchester-based photographers will work with you to ensure that we create unique and eye-catching images and showcase everything that makes your business special. Our photography and social media experts can tailor your photography to match your social media strategy, with the results to match. 

If you’d like to enrich your social media photography, get in touch with us here and reap the benefits of having high-quality photography. 


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