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Ethical marketing practises

20th May 2024

ethical marketing tactics

Tips for creating compelling content

14th May 2024

Jamie and Emma

SEO Trends to hop on in 2024

21st February 2024

seo trends 2024

How to identify a toxic domain and fix SEO problems arising from it

7th December 2023

Avaris Ebike | How to identify a toxic domain name | SEO case study

How do I know when I should be considering a website redesign?

7th November 2023

Peek & Poke | Gaming Website Design

Top 10 tips for building an email marketing strategy

3rd October 2023

Key considerations when building an eCommerce website

29th September 2023

building an ecommerce website

Beginners guide to the Shopify admin area – plus tips & tricks

18th September 2023

Beginners guide to Shopify

Video SEO: How to optimise your videos for better visibility and ranking

21st April 2023

youtube video analytics

Impact of AI content writing tools on the SEO industry

5th April 2023

AI content writer

<p>Hello World!</p>: A beginner’s guide to HTML

1st March 2023

beginners html coding

3 top tips for social media marketing in 2023

9th February 2023

social media marketing

But, you don’t look like a developer?!

2nd February 2023

cora marcu pixel kicks

Google Ads search extensions explained: Increasing your click-through rate

29th December 2022

Google Ads Search Extensions Explained. Increasing your PPC performance

How the digital marketing and web teams collaborate at Pixel Kicks

21st December 2022

digital marketing team members pixel kicks

How to create an SEO keyword list from scratch

12th November 2021

Man and woman comparing graphs

Why mobile responsiveness has never been more important

6th October 2021

why mobile responsive web design is important

7 tips to be more productive as a developer

8th September 2021

How to be more productive as a developer

Google Display advertising tips: How to optimise your campaign

7th September 2021

Google Display Advertising Tips

The four key areas of SEO explained

6th August 2021

lion roar strength in SEO

6 reasons why your business should be using high-quality photography on social media

26th July 2021

bright doughnut food photography

How to increase Google rankings by creating content, building links & auditing your site for SEO

24th May 2021

Climbing a tall snowy mountain | eg Google rankings

13 ways a professional agency uses Semrush

22nd May 2021

How a professional Manchester SEO agency uses SEMrush

15 HTML tags digital marketers need to know

24th March 2021


Building the perfect homepage: All of the must-have features

10th November 2020

ARK Trending Videos | Project 2

How to increase your ecommerce website’s online conversions

6th October 2020

8 PPC tools to improve & optimise your Google Ads campaign

28th August 2020

pay per click advertising tiles

11 effective tips for ramping up your Amazon product sales

4th August 2020

Tips for increasing Amazon sales

How to use and track the four Google Analytics goals types

16th June 2020

Goal Netting | Google Analytics Goal Types

5 tips to help get you into photography

16th June 2020

Photography Tips from a Manchester Digital Agency

Improving your website for local SEO: The ultimate guide

11th May 2020

How to improve your local SEO

The best stock photo & video sites; both free and paid

17th April 2020

beautiful snowy mountains seen through the leaves

8 essential features every high converting landing page has

8th April 2020

Darts board | hitting those marketing targets

Top social media performance metrics, and how to track them

11th March 2020

watch parts under magnifying glass | search

My journey to Pixel Kicks

3rd March 2020

Harry Hooper

10 key metrics to measure your PPC campaign success

30th January 2020

Measuring your PPC campaign success

Let’s take a look at the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool

3rd January 2020

marketing strategy mural

7 essential SEO metrics to truly track a campaign

11th November 2019

Search engine optimisation metrics to track

9 tips to grow your social media presence for small businesses

21st October 2019

Social media platform logos

Google, Facebook & more: 4 key PPC platforms that can accelerate your online marketing

14th October 2019

Pay-per-click Advertising

What Content Management System (CMS) is best for your business?

2nd August 2019

Which CMS is best for your business website

How much does a website cost?

21st June 2019

Tasty strawberries!

Utilising your PPC budget: Essential features you should be using on Google Ads

6th June 2019


How to perform an SEO website audit (expert tips)

25th April 2019

Search engine optimisation site audit

15 essential WordPress plugins for a healthy, fast & secure website

12th April 2019

Best effective wordpress plugins

9 Google Display Network PPC tips for 2019

4th March 2019

google display ideas

Creating the perfect Facebook ads campaign: 8 top tips

30th January 2019

Facebook ad campaign tips

9 useful SEO tools to improve your Google rankings

16th November 2018

Climbing the Google Rankings

5 important tips to optimise your copywriting for SEO

9th October 2018

How to improve your website copywriting

Social media image dimensions: 2018 cheat sheet

18th September 2018

social media image dimensions 2018

Northern Quarter & Ancoats: Why these 15 Manchester businesses call it home

5th September 2018

Street art in the northern quarter, manchester

10 social media tools for beginners

20th April 2018

Abstract triangle photo from Pexels

Optimising your Google My Business Listing: The ultimate guide

18th April 2018

How to optimise your google my business listing 2018

9 Google Shopping tips in 2018 to help boost your conversions

14th March 2018

Top Google Shopping Tips 2018

Google Analytics in 2018: 3 quick wins to truly harness its power

19th December 2017

Harness the Power of Google Analytics in 2018

Dangers of social media in business: Five key points

21st August 2017

Fire fighting social media dangers

The 15 most important Google Adwords PPC tips for 2017

31st May 2017

Google Adwords PPC Manchester

SEO tips: 15 things to include on a webpage to improve your rankings

1st March 2017

Pixel Kicks New website | Ecommerce browsing

20 simple SEO tips For 2017

28th December 2016

User browsing Google Analytics

How to optimise and speed up WordPress like a pro

24th May 2016

How to optimise and speed up Wordpress like a pro

Beginners guide to WordPress SEO (using the Yoast SEO plugin)

21st February 2016

Beginners Guide to Wordpress SEO

The top search engine ranking factors in 2016

26th January 2016

Google headquarters

22 WordPress plugins to manage your website easier, faster and more efficiently in 2015

11th May 2015

22 Wordpress Plugins