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How to up your social media game: Insider tips and tools from social media managers & content creators

12th September 2022

8 mins read

social media marketing tips

SEO Trends to hop on in 2024

21st February 2024

seo trends 2024

How to identify a toxic domain and fix SEO problems arising from it

7th December 2023

Avaris Ebike | How to identify a toxic domain name | SEO case study

How do I know when I should be considering a website redesign?

7th November 2023

Peek & Poke | Gaming Website Design

Top 10 tips for building an email marketing strategy

3rd October 2023

Key considerations when building an eCommerce website

29th September 2023

building an ecommerce website

Beginners guide to the Shopify admin area – plus tips & tricks

18th September 2023

Beginners guide to Shopify

<p>Hello World!</p>: A beginner’s guide to HTML

1st March 2023

beginners html coding

How to write an SEO brief to send to an agency

13th February 2023

Google Analytics dashboard

What is blockchain technology and why is it important?

13th January 2023

what is blockchain

How the digital marketing and web teams collaborate at Pixel Kicks

21st December 2022

digital marketing team members pixel kicks

The importance of creating a good Git commit

30th November 2022

git commit

Esports marketing strategies that changed the game

22nd November 2022

How to accept cryptocurrencies on your ecommerce website

13th July 2022

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum Cryptocurrencies

Every Google Ads campaign type explained: Tips, features & targeting

3rd May 2022

Google Ads Campaign Types

10 UK digital agencies share how the pandemic impacted them

31st January 2022

Helen from Pixel Kicks on a Zoom video call during the pandemic

How to write the perfect website brief in 2023

13th January 2022

Website design agency discussing a new project brief

How the Instagram algorithm is changing, and what it means for your social media strategy

13th January 2022

How long does it take to build a website?

10th January 2022

How long does it take to build a website? | The Pixel Kicks Team

Will SEO die?

2nd January 2022

google chrome app logo

How to create an SEO keyword list from scratch

12th November 2021

Man and woman comparing graphs

Should I be using a headless CMS for my project?

21st September 2021

Reasons to use a headless CMS

The digital agency North-South divide: Reasons to choose Manchester over London

8th September 2021

Manchester agencies on a map

Google Display advertising tips: How to optimise your campaign

7th September 2021

Google Display Advertising Tips

How quiz funnels can help grow your business

31st August 2021

quiz funnel blog post celebration party hat image

The four key areas of SEO explained

6th August 2021

lion roar strength in SEO

How to write the perfect branding brief

7th July 2021

The five LinkedIn ad types explained: Ad formats, targeting and tracking

23rd April 2021

LinkedIn Ad Types explained

15 HTML tags digital marketers need to know

24th March 2021


Finding the perfect blend of creativity and usability in web design

6th November 2020

design and usability

How to break down and understand your website traffic in Google Analytics

14th July 2020

tracking website traffic in Google Analytics

Web design trends 2020: The experts’ predictions

23rd December 2019

2020 Web design and development trends

SEO Trends 2020: The insight from industry professionals

17th December 2019

Himalayan Mountains | SEO Manchester

5 must-have project management tools to improve your web development workflow

6th June 2019

Pixel Kicks brochure

Social media trends in 2019 – What the experts predict

19th December 2018

social media trends in 2019

Web design trends in 2018 – The experts’ view

21st December 2017

Web Design trends in 2018 - two zebras

SEO trends in 2018 – An expert round-up of ranking factors

9th December 2017

SEO Trends in 2018 - Photo of a lion

Web design trends in 2017 – What can we expect?

27th August 2016

Web Design Trends in 2017