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Blue ticks, FTX & Microsoft: Digital Roundup November 2022

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LAST UPDATED 26th April 2024

PUBLISHED 30th November 2022

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Keeping up to date with the latest news in a dynamic and ever-changing industry can be tough work, but fear not, our Digital Roundup listicles curate the need-to-know information from across the month.

Let’s take a look at the key events in November 2022.

  1. Elon Musk demands Twitter staff work long hours or leave
  2. Meta cuts thousands of jobs
  3. Google launches new local search features
  4. Microsoft overtakes Amazon as most valuable brand
  5. Meta vows to match up to $7 million in donations
  6. Twitter’s verified tick saga
  7. Instagram launches post scheduling for professional accounts
  8. Snapchat integrates with Strava
  9. The collapse of FTX cryptocurrency exchange
  10. WhatsApp launches business search feature

Elon Musk demands Twitter staff work long hours or leave

In early November, Twitter reportedly cut around 50% of its workforce, which was almost in line with Elon Musk’s October declaration to cut 75% of employees.

Following this, around two weeks later Musk sent a company-wide email telling staff that they must commit to working “long hours at high intensity”, or else they must leave the company.

Staff had around one week to sign up to the pledge which enrolled them as “part of the new Twitter”, and those who didn’t were given three months’ severance pay.

Meta cuts thousands of jobs

Meta also announced large-scale layoffs this week, cutting 11,000 jobs, totalling 13% of its entire workforce.

In the lead-up to the announcement, The Wall Street Journal reported:

“Meta is planning to begin large-scale layoffs this week, according to people familiar with the matter […] The layoffs are expected to affect many thousands of employees and an announcement is planned to come as soon as Wednesday, according to the people.”

twitter meta

Instagram launches post scheduling for professional accounts

Instagram finally started to roll out its scheduling feature this month, which allows you to schedule photos, videos, carousels or reels up to 75 days in advance within the app.

Currently, this feature is only available to Instagram users with professional accounts and can be found under Advanced settings within the post composer.

Google launches new local search features

This month, Google started to roll out a host of new local search features which were initially announced in September.

The new updates will allow users to make more specific searches to find the things they’re looking for nearby, with this month’s features including:

  • Search with Live View
  • Search for restaurants by dish
  • Find fast charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Find wheelchair-accessible places in more countries
google local search

Meta vows to match up to $7 million in donations

In the lead-up to GivingTuesday, Meta announced that it will match user donations made to nonprofit organisations across its apps, up to the value of $7 million.

“When you sign up to donate monthly to a nonprofit on Facebook, Meta will match 100% of your donation after you make your second monthly donation. We’ll match up to $100 per donation, $100,000 per nonprofit and up to $7 million in total across all organizations.”

Microsoft overtakes Amazon as most valuable brand

Interbrand’s 10th annual list of the top 100 Best Global Brands was published this month and saw Microsoft climb to second place, pushing Amazon down the ranks to no.3.

The list is based upon Interbrand’s research into the most valuable brands, of which Apple still takes the top spot after their brand value increased by 18% to more than $482 million.

Last year, Microsoft overtook Google as the third most valuable and has now overtaken Amazon with their brand value growing 32% to a total of $278 million.

Twitter’s verified tick saga

Elon Musk made a fair few headlines in November with his plans to overhaul Twitter.

Earlier in the month, he announced an $8 blue tick subscription service, which meant anyone who was willing to pay would gain a coveted blue tick. It lasted a few days before the option was removed due to fake accounts abusing the system, pretending to be big brands. The system is to be “reviewed” at a later date.

Following this, an “Official” label was added to some accounts to tackle the impersonation but was removed just a few hours later.

Now, the latest is that Twitter will be launching gold and grey verification ticks, alongside the classic blue. Elon Musk said:

“Gold check for companies, grey check for governments, blue for individuals (celebrities or not). Painful, but necessary.”

Snapchat integrates with Strava

In its attempt to appeal to an older demographic, Snapchat has launched an AR Lens in partnership with fitness app Strava.

The new integration will allow users to document their fitness progress in an interactive and visual way, with the app offering overlay options to share your data with their Snapchat friends.

“With a few taps, the Strava Activity Lens allows Snapchatters to take a Snap or post a Story that instantly tells the tale of recent workouts. Whether you’re walking around the city with friends or training for your next race, this AR experience helps you better tell the story of every effort on Snapchat.”

snapchat strava integration

The collapse of FTX cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX collapsed in early November, with its value falling from $32 billion to bankruptcy in less than a week.

Over the course of just three years, FTX became one of the largest crypto exchanges, launched by Sam Bankman-Fried at 28 years old.

The collapse of FTX came following concerns of Bankman-Fried’s undisclosed leverage and solvency. He stepped down as CEO on 11th November, and the company filed for bankruptcy. Shortly after, it was reported that FTX was hacked and hundreds of millions worth of tokens were stolen.

There are now widespread concerns that this collapse will impact cryptocurrencies and other markets.

ftx cryptocurrency

WhatsApp launches business search feature

WhatsApp announced that it will be launching new features to help consumers find businesses and buy products through its messaging app.

The in-app shopping features will allow users to search for businesses via category and location, providing a map and displaying verified business accounts that are available to purchase from.

WhatsApp explained:

“People want a convenient way to quickly get assistance from the millions of small businesses and tens of thousands of brands already on WhatsApp. Today we’re launching the ability to find a business right on WhatsApp so people can now browse businesses by category – such as travel or banking – or search by the business name. This will save people from having to find phone numbers off websites or type a number into their contacts.”

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