Highly targeted, cross-platform pay-per-click marketing

Our Manchester based digital marketing team has many years of experience executing cross-platform PPC campaigns, providing clients with a reliable method of increasing website traffic, leads and sales.

With proven methods, we can ensure your campaigns are seen by the right users, while keeping your average costs down and increasing your return. There are effective options for every business and marketing goal, with the ability to deliver your advertising across search engines, social media, and over a million other eligible websites.

Paid Search advertising from a Manchester agency

Paid search advertising is an effective way of delivering useful results to users who know exactly what they’re looking for.

As an official Google Partner agency with certified Google Search Specialist status, we have plenty of experience in pushing clients to the top of relevant search results.

Whether you’re looking for leads or want to increase online sales, we can help you by delivering high quality traffic to your website, made up of users who have a strong chance of converting into new customers.

We only set up paid search campaigns after hours of in-depth research to ensure your budget is being put to the best use, before our expert copywriters create engaging, prominent adverts.

Search advertising is one of the most versatile forms of marketing, and can deliver great results for the smallest of businesses and the largest of enterprises. Get in touch today to discuss your goals, and we can help to create the perfect campaign for your business.

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Visual Display campaigns

Visibility is one of the key ingredients for successfully increasing recognition and awareness of your brand.

Paid display advertising is a way of delivering your brand to millions of users across the web, with many options available for your marketing needs.

The Google Display Network is made up of more than a million different websites, on which you can display banner adverts for your business – you can also add your visual advertising to social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can target your adverts based on the interests, demographics and recent browsing history of users, or choose to appear on sites based on their content topics.

You can also remarket your website by displaying your advertising to users who have recently visited your site, but exited without converting.

Our display campaigns have every angle covered, with expert set-up, targeting and optimisation, as well as high quality graphic design.

PPC for ecommerce

Shopping focused PPC advertising is a way of boosting online sales for those businesses who operate an ecommerce website.

Google Shopping is a platform that compiles products from opted-in websites, and displays them in a price comparison format to users searching for specific items. The listings come complete with full product information, special offers and imagery, giving users everything they need to click through to your website and make a purchase.

We have experience working with high volume product feeds to set up this type of campaign, with the end result being increased visibility and sales for our clients.

You can also utilise remarketing for your ecommerce marketing, with the ability to show users specific products they’ve already viewed in banner ads, encouraging them to pick up where they left off and resume their purchase.

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PPC through social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all have ways of displaying your advertising in various, prominent positions that will help you to increase your brand visibility.

However, there are other, more specific types of advertising that can deliver social media based results. For example, if you’re looking at increasing the number of Facebook users who see your social content, you can boost individual posts or sponsor your page to receive more likes and follows. While this is initially a paid approach, it can result in more long-term visibility on future organic content.

If you’re looking for advertising for a B2B business, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to utilise, with targeting options allowing you to deliver advertising to people based on their industry, job skills, interests, and job title.

Optimised PPC landing pages

It’s a common mistake to send users who click your advertising to your homepage. If you’re marketing a specific service or product, or are encouraging an end goal of sign-ups or enquiries, it’s important that users find themselves on a page that is designed for such a purpose. Without this, you’ll find your bounce rate continues to climb higher, as your budget is wasted away on users who never convert.

That’s why we include landing page design and optimisation within our campaign set-up and management. Our campaigns are designed to increase your conversions, and this is a big part of making that happen. Our team will create relevant landing pages with clear calls to action, geared towards getting you conversions and increasing your ROI. And if something’s not working? Our campaign management includes ongoing optimisation and A/B testing to quickly find the perfect solution for your business.

Manchester PPC Landing Page Design and CRO

PPC Support & Progress Reporting

After your campaign is up and running, you’ll continue to hear from us regularly, with monthly reports sent directly to your inbox to help you keep track of progress. Our reporting dashboard compiles all relevant data straight from the advertising platforms we’re using, presenting you with a clear, transparent overview of your campaign. If at any point you want to pause your advertising, change your targeting or adjust your budget, the Pixel Kicks team are always on hand to fulfil your requests quickly and efficiently.

If you have a project for us or would like to find out how we can help get great results, drop us a line or ping us a message.

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