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We create short form video content for all digital channels

From exciting, vibrant showreels through to customer testimonials, great video is the most engaging form of content you can use to promote your products or services. As part of our Creative Content services we have the ability to produce a range of short form video content for websites and social media platforms, content that captures the imagination and gets the message across clearly.

As well as being able to generate organic footage from an on-site shoot, we also have access to a huge range of stock video and photography to compliment your project. This can be helpful in a tight spot.

It’s our job to make any shoot as comfortable as possible, and this all stems from the initial consultation where we get to know yourselves and your brief. A full itinerary is then put together to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible.

We are currently filming on a Canon 700D, and have access to a full Rokinon Cine Lens Kit. Having a range of kit means we can shoot to different styles, whether you’re after something cinematic, or a more corporate feel, the quality will always be there. The footage we produce is then meticulously edited and finalised using a range of software and effects. The project is managed through Basecamp, where you will have ample opportunity to make your feedback known to our team.

We are based in central Manchester right on the Northern Quarter and Ancoats border. If we do say so ourselves, it’s a great area to film visual content with a wide range of locations and backdrops if you would prefer to come to us.

More wider afield we have the city centre itself, again with various places to work from. One of our offices is based inside the co-working space Huckletree, where we have access to podcasting studios should you require an indoor shoot.

4 Stages Of Film

Pen and paper








Here's a case study for more detail