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Sealions is a nutrition and vitamin supplement company that keeps its products affordable as well as sustainable. They have recently launched their new product, meal replacement shakes in 5 different flavours.

Sealions reached out to us as they needed help with creative content for their new meal replacement shakes. Specifically, photography and video. They wanted the photography to be distributed on their website, social media and billboard advertisements, while the video was focused on social media. 

They requested that we create scroll-stopping images to match their bright and bold branding, which would capture the attention of their target audience and help raise awareness for their new product. They specifically asked us to keep website banners and billboard graphics in mind while shooting the content so it can be repurposed for multiple platforms.

pixel kicks photography on billboard
sealions meal replacements


Sealions wanted us to stick closely to their colourful and minimalist brand guidelines, they had provided a list of inspirational imagery to look at as a starting point and then gave us full creative freedom. We also thoroughly researched how other similar brands had presented their meal replacement shakes while opening the search to include any products of which we liked the creative direction. 

To bring our ideas to life, and to align our direction with the clients, we created mood boards, storyboards,  shot lists and sketches which clearly illustrate the creative direction we intended to take.


This is where our ideas come to life. Our in-house team of photographers, videographers and content creators get to work to create some digital magic. 

We have an in-house studio with equipment readily available, so sourcing props and custom-coloured backdrops to match the client’s branding was no issue.


This is where the entire production comes together. Our creative team edit the photography and video and pass them on to the client. Over the course of a day and a half, we produced 164 final photos and 5 final videos ready for online or offline marketing. Since then, we have seen our work go up on billboards across the country!

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Sealion meal replacement shakes

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