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Davis Blank Furniss is a law firm that focuses both on personal services and business services. They’re based in Glossop and Manchester city centre and they operate all over the North West.

The brief 

After completing a brand new brand redesign and website, we were tasked with taking on their digital marketing campaign, including SEO, PPC, organic social media and paid social media. Davis Blank Furniss did not have any social media presence prior to the campaign, so they asked us to create their branded social media channels and build up their audience through organic and paid social media.  

As their accounts were starting from scratch with 0 followers, they were particularly interested in running a paid social media campaign across TikTok and Meta to increase their following on both of those channels.



Increase in facebook followers




Our approach 

Having had successful experience in follower growth campaigns before, we decided to approach this from a UGC perspective to highlight the benefits of following Davis Blank Furniss. 

We produced two videos, optimised for both feeds and Reels / Stories. We wanted to A/B test the two against each other, one being a human talking directly to the camera, and the other with a voice-over, but with more stock video.

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