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Avaris is a leading eBike company that specialises in creating high-quality electric-assist bicycles that are efficient, sustainable and stylish. Their team of experienced engineers and designers create innovative electric bikes that are both affordable and high-performance. Avaris offer two core products to the UK market: a lightweight electric road bike and an electric mountain bike.

Avaris eBikes came to us as a brand-new company with no following or audience, their brief was mainly focused on raising brand awareness and increasing conversions. We provided SEO, website support, organic social media, paid social media and creative content.

The brief 

Avaris tasked us with increasing their Instagram following through paid social media as the account was brand new and they wanted the social proofing. They wanted to see at least an 80% increase in high-quality followers who are likely to continue engaging with the organic social media content which was going out. Essentially wanting to insert Avaris into the cycling community by appealing to cycling hobbyists and enthusiasts.



Increase in followers



Increase in engagement



Accounts reached


Avaris’ target audience wasn’t just cycling enthusiasts and hobbyists, but also people who might benefit from the extra assistance the electric bike would offer. 

From there, we researched these audiences’ behaviours and interests, ensuring to build an audience that can easily relate to Avaris eBikes. 

We decided to utilise both imagery and video for the creatives as we could take advantage of Meta’s wide range of ad placements. We made sure that the content of the ads addressed the users directly, outlining the benefits of following Avaris and explaining why they should follow Avaris’ Instagram. 

Content creation 

When it comes to paid social media ads, your creatives are key when grabbing the audience’s attention, especially with product-based businesses. To stop the targetted audience from scrolling past the ads, our creative team set out to produce some eye-catching and engaging content. 


Execution & optimisation 

Throughout all of our paid social media campaigns, we’re always monitoring and optimising to achieve the best results possible for our clients. We trialled different audiences, updated the creatives, and went through vigorous A/B testing.

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