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Find the best user-generated content available for licensing, or submit your own. Ark Media aims to be the market leader in user-generated content by connecting creators and distributors. Its core services are licensing, syndication and rights management.

Our brief was to create a site which allows users to both easily upload video submissions from both mobile and desktop devices and to view all available content. The site is fully searchable with relevant tags, categories and reviews on the front-end. Ark Media are a newly launched division of KOMI which aims to be the market leader in user-generated content by connecting creators and distributors.
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Due to the success of the website, significant investments in ARK’s infrastructure including new features and an improved process for content submissions and processing was undertaken. As such ARK Media – is predicting its revenues will increase by 40% over the next 12 months.

Terry Pierce, their Head of Distribution & Partnerships said:

The need for great short form content is growing all the time. The simple fact is that there isn’t enough high-quality, engaging content available to publishers, and it can be difficult to find, so our focus is on aligning real quality content with our publishing partners and clients in as seamless way as possible. The work we’ve put in over the last few months has laid the foundations and will help to propel our growth quickly.

The launch of Ark Media was featured in the following press articles:

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