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Specialists in bridging loans and development finance for individuals and businesses across England, Scotland and Wales- Affirmative Finance needed a website that reflected their position in the industry.
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Affirmative Finance, a leading UK-based financial services provider, approached us with the goal of overhauling their online presence to better serve their diverse clientele. The project’s mission was to create a highly responsive, user-friendly website that reflected Affirmative Finance’s professional stature.

Design and Development

Using Figma & Adobe XD, our design team crafted a visually stunning and intuitive interface. Each element of the website was carefully considered to ensure it met the needs of users while embodying Affirmative Finance’s brand identity.

Transitioning from design to development, WordPress was chosen as the platform for building the website due to its flexibility and robustness. The WordPress environment allowed us to integrate advanced features effortlessly, including custom post types, analytics to track user behavior, and a suite of SEO tools that enhanced the site’s visibility and accessibility.

Optimisation and Performance

Understanding the importance of speed in user experience, our team took great care to optimise every aspect of the site for fast loading times. Images and assets were optimised, and modern caching techniques were applied. Additionally, the backend of the site was streamlined to ensure that the loading times met the highest standards, even during peak traffic periods. These enhancements not only improved the user experience but also positively impacted the site’s search engine rankings.

User Journey

The user journey was a focal point in the design and development process. We mapped out typical user paths to identify key interactions and touchpoints. Navigation was simplified to facilitate quick and easy access to information, with strategic call-to-action (CTA) placements to guide users towards making informed decisions. The layout was structured to lead users naturally from one section to another, creating a logical and fulfilling path that educates and informs.

Affirmative Finance’s new website speaks directly to its audience, offering a blend of performance, aesthetics, and usability.

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