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The Epicurean is a craft beer distributor who not only have physical stores, but also an ecommerce store which provides monthly subscriptions.

The Epicurean reached out to our team to enhance their online presence and drive purchases through their website via Google Ads and Paid Social Media Ads. Specifically, they were interested in promoting their “Beer Club” subscription service, which allowed customers to receive a variety of German lagers and craft beers every month. They requested we create scroll-stopping imagery that would capture the attention of their target audience, as well as manage and distribute their paid social media campaign.

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After deciding to run ads through Facebook & Instagram, we aimed to target people who enjoyed trying new ales, craft beers and breweries, as well as people who are more likely to purchase from a subscription business model.

As for the creative content, we researched and planned thoroughly to ensure we aligned The Epicurean’s brand guidelines with the specific product shots we had in mind.


Once the initial photography was completed, we then fashioned these into ad creatives optimised specifically for Facebook & Instagram.

By seamlessly blending creative visuals with targeted advertising, the ad creatives played a crucial role in driving engagement and conversions for The Epicurean’s beer club subscription service, resulting in a successful and impactful social media campaign.

As paid social media ads rely on creative first visuals, with every social media campaign, we always ensure to build our ad plan around this.

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