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We delivered a full range of digital marketing techniques, resulting in national position one rankings and greatly increased conversions.
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The brief

Biddle Sawyer Silks are the UK’s leading commercial supplier of wholesale silk, but you wouldn’t have known it if you searched on Google.

First and foremost, they wanted their website to look slick and premium to promote their products and services. Upon completion of the website redesign and development project, Pixel Kicks were then tasked with ensuring that their new digital asset worked for them. Search engine performance and lead generation had to improve.

The following objectives were set:

  • Improve search engine visibility for the United Kingdom and London specifically
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Increase conversions, ie. contact form enquiries



Increase in organic traffic



Increase in online enquiries



Increase in site visibility

The strategy

Content marketing proved to be the key focus as the site, while great in design and function, was severely lacking in depth.

Rankings and enquiries were being held back by the lack of information on the website. We know that a site will perform poorly in the SERPs if there are glaring holes in the content, but we often forget that these holes are also massive reasons for users to click straight off of the website.

We wanted to make sure that users felt educated on Biddle Sawyer Silks, as this transparency leads to contact.

So, we laid out a full 12-month content plan to create new resource pages and regular blog posts.

This new content had two purposes:

  1. To positively impact Google rankings for priority keywords
  2. To provide organic users with the resources necessary to make an enquiry

It meant the complete rework and optimisation of their service landing page copy, and a new ‘how to order’ resource page to provide users with an understanding of the Biddle Sawyer Silks order process. Over time, we added a number of helpful pages and relevant blog posts whilst continually optimising their website in both usability and technical SEO.

Coupled with modern CRO techniques on the silk catalogue pages, we were confident that the site was in a much better place to both rank and convert.

Don’t underestimate the human element

To compliment the new content we coordinated an on-site photography shoot. This was all about adding some personality to the website. Users want to see the people behind the company, especially a service based one.

Introducing photography of the staff from around the warehouse helped to position Biddle Sawyer Silks as much more accessible and human, again, putting them in a far better place to encourage enquiries.


"Biddle Sawyer Silks has been selling fabric to European designers and couture houses for almost 100 years. We have a fantastic website but our overall marketing strategy was out of date. Finding new clients through the web was difficult - nobody knew we were there.

We then engaged with Emma at Pixel Kicks who took the project on as her own. We now rank as number 1 in our primary key wording and on page 1 for 16 other keywords. Traffic has increased and enquiries have grown. I am the first to admit - working with me can be quite challenging as I do find it difficult to explain how I would like to achieve a particular goal. Emma is patient, listens and just gets it."

Tro Manoukian, Biddle Sawyer Silks

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