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Stay ahead of the crowd with social media

Brand perception has never been more important, and customers often make a purchasing decision in seconds based on your online reputation. Having an active set of social accounts is an opportunity to promote your brand, your core values, and your products & services. It shows potential customers that you’re a modern, forward-thinking company,

Social signals are the likes, shares, views or retweets that people do on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These signals indicate that your website or brand is being talked about by consumers, and there is a strong correlation that these improve your Google rankings when combined with other factors.

From an SEO perspective, the right social media promotion can help provide the exposure to your website content which lets others take notice – potentially linking through to your web page.

The marketing potential that social media provides is too large to be ignored, and our team can plan, manage & grow your social accounts, driving a new audience to your website.

Online Reviews

We also look to increase the number of reviews you have online as well as making sure that when you appear on a customer’s search, your company is shown in the best light possible. First impressions are very important, and we aim to make sure that the customer always clicks on your company instead of your competitors.

If you really want to get ahead with your social marketing, get in touch with us. We’ll use the latest techniques and methods to drive your numbers through the roof. You’ll definitely *like* what you see 🙂

Jools Taylor,

I’ve known the Pixel Kicks agency for a number of years and we’ve always had a really good relationship with each other. Lately, they specifically helped me with a long-standing SEO & analytics problem on a website of ours, and in a matter of weeks had solved the issue. Always helpful and always friendly, they come highly recommended.

Jools Taylor,

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