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Craft CMS Website Development

Craft CMS website development in Manchester

Our developers are experienced using Craft CMS to build websites, and if you want a lean, secure and fast website using an open-source CMS, then Craft CMS is an excellent choice.

Some of the benefits of Craft include:

  • Open source CMS, growing ever more popular
  • Large developer community
  • Similar system structure to WordPress (custom fields, relationships, image editing, user management)
  • Extendable via plugins
  • Integrates well with apps like Mailchimp and Hubspot

We currently host and maintain a number of websites built using Craft, and are passionate about recommending the CMS to companies as a solid choice to future-proof your website.

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Experienced design & development team working with Craft CMS

Why Use Craft CMS?

Choosing what CMS to use in your next website development project is an extremely important decision for any growing business. Craft has been around for a number of years now and is fast gaining popularity in the CMS market.

Looking for an alternative to WordPress?

There are no recurring fees to tie you in, and the basic version is completely free. For multiple admin users and other useful features, there is just a one-off fee to upgrade to the Pro or Ecommerce version.

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