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An SEO audit with strategy guidance, helping It’s Gone Viral to decrease their reliance on social media traffic over time.

The brief

It’s Gone Viral is one of the UK’s leading viral news websites, with a huge social media presence.

Although we did not design or develop the website, we have hosted and supported It’s Gone Viral’s news platform for a long period of time.

They enquired about an SEO strategy for the website, asking our digital marketing team for their advice and support on attracting consistent and reliable sources of long-term traffic to the website.

The approach

We broke our approach down into three project legs.

The first was a full SEO audit of the existing website and domain strength. We analysed the following:

  • Technical SEO fundamentals of the current website
  • The current website against Google Core Web Vitals
  • The domain’s backlink profile
  • The domain’s current ranking keywords

The second saw us implement fixes for the technical issues that were found, before finally working with It’s Gone Viral to implement a new content strategy.

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    To find out how we can help you get great results, give us a ring on: 0161 713 1700

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