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Magento Development

Magento developers in Manchester

Pixel Kicks has many years of experience developing ecommerce stores using Magento. Now branded “Adobe Commerce”, Magento lets you create engaging, shoppable experiences, and it’s next-generation technology and extensions marketplace can transform your business.

All Magento websites we build are bespoke designed, cleanly developed, and supported on a monthly basis with a set number of hours to make sure your business receives all the help it needs.

Some of the benefits of Magento include:

  • Automatically display products by price, colour and more.
  • Easily integrate with existing back-end systems
  • Give your customers the buying options they want and fulfill them from anywhere — PC, PoS, or tablet.
  • Use modern, drag-and-drop tools to quickly create and launch new compelling content and deliver best-in-class shopping experiences
  • Define your metrics, what data you’re using, and turn data insights into striking visualizations
  • Expand & improve your commerce experience with thousands of extensions and themes in the marketplace.

Why should I choose Magento?

No other platform gives you the power to create unique and engaging shopping experiences. Enjoy rich, out-of-the-box features, an unlimited ability to customize, a flexible headless architecture, and seamless third-party integrations.  Our Magento website builds typically come with features such as the following:

  • Page Builder
  • Product Recommendations
  • Live Search
  • Customer Segmentation & Personalization
  • Content Staging & Preview
  • Instant Purchase
  • Merchandising
  • Dropshipping


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Adobe XD mobile website prototype

Experienced web development agency working with Magento

Compared to other cloud-hosted solutions, Magento:

  • Allows you to fully control how you deliver your customer experience
  • Supports expansion – you can manage multiple stores, transacts in multiple countries, languages, currencies, and use several worldwide shipping providers, all within a single instance
  • Evolves as your business grows and changes over time
  • Enables merchants to sell customizable products and digital goods online
  • Enables merchants to handle the complexities of B2B commerce
  • Leverages the large extension marketplace for Adobe Commerce to add rich feature/capabilities and enable integrations with your other digital tools (e.g. ERP, CRM)
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Why use Magento?

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