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What is Digital PR

Digital PR is a term used to describe traditional PR strategies but with a focus on online visibility and link building.  We use Digital PR as part of our overall digital marketing techniques, and when done correctly it can help to:

  • Generate high-quality backlinks on valuable news & media websites
  • Create new relationships with publishers and brands
  • Increase social media awareness
  • Increase website traffic

In order to do this we have established links with key journalists, influencers and publications, which can help you achieve brand mentions as well as gaining strong domain authority backlinks to your website.

Forget old-fashioned mass link-building, instead this is all about combining SEO with journalism and traditional PR to help you dominate Google, and catapult your online visibility to the next level.


How can Digital PR boost your rankings & visibility?

Making sure your brand or business is visible online is single-handedly the most important benefit to your business in 2021. If people can’t find you online then you’re going to struggle.


If you’re unfamiliar with digital PR or thinking about including it in your marketing strategy, then single-handedly the biggest benefit to your business will be from improved SEO. The difference between traditional PR vs digital PR is a much stronger focus on link building.

Brand reputation & audience growth

With your brand being featured in high profile news & media websites, you will be seen in a much better light, you’ll receive a constant stream of brand mentions, and the end result of this will be click throughs to your website.


Our Digital PR experience

Our team consists of experienced journalists and PR professionals, and our clear objectives are to get you in the national, regional or trade press.

Our specialisms include:

  • Professional Services
  • Creative & Tech
  • Property

With 20 years of experience working with clients across the UK, we have the expertise and contacts to ensure you get the ideal blend of coverage in the ideal publications. We will work closely with you to devise a digital PR strategy, plan a content calendar and deliver search engine smashing results.

With all your new-found press articles on websites with high domain authority, you can now start to incorporate these articles into y our own social strategy. Post links to the articles themselves, or better still build new content around the press article on your own site.

Digital PR vs Traditional PR

Traditional PR tends to focus on channels such as the general press, niche printed publications, TV and radio. Granted, plenty of articles written will find their way online, resulting in a decent amount of exposure.

Digital PR on the other hand concentrates on making sure your press benefits you in as many digital ways as possible. From pure SEO-boosting backlinks to social media engagement, influencer recommendations and more, the advantages are clear to see. As well as being heavily online-focused, Digital PR is also easily measured and tracked.

It’s important not to be sidetracked from the most important part – the story behind each press release. It’s not just about a regular churn of exposure, instead it’s about really connecting with your audience and giving people a reason to share your content.

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