Digital Audit


A clear evaluation of your online footprint, alongside actionable improvements

We help companies to better understand their online strengths and weaknesses by producing detailed digital audits on their current performance. Using in depth tools and the latest evaluation techniques, we put together reports that reflect upon online objectives and benchmark against the activity of competitors.

What have you been doing online? How well have you been doing it? How could you do it better?

These are the three questions we look to answer with every audit that we run.

Commissioning a digital audit helps you to identify the areas that do and don’t drive results for your campaign. We can look at everything from your social media reach to your website performance, and how that may be impacting your search engine rankings.

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Reported back to you in simple terms, no jargon or filler

We don’t use overly technical language to make sure you can take away the essential information from the audit. Each audit is put together in a PDF format and sent to you within a working week of confirmation. Our team are then on hand to talk you through our findings and suggestions, helping you to set new priorities and goals for future online activity.


Keep your campaigns focused

Reviewing your performance is a fundamental first step towards future growth.

Having a fresh pair of eyes to take a look over everything will pay dividends, and digital audits can be particularly useful if you’re looking to stop your campaign from stagnating. It gives you a chance to make sure you aren’t missing out on the latest trends. You need to know that what you’ve got is working for you, and the process can help in tweaking priorities or setting new goals for your online campaigns.

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We can report on

If you are interested in working with us on your next Digital Audit, drop us a line or ping us a message.

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I’ve known the Pixel Kicks agency for a number of years and we’ve always had a really good relationship with each other. Lately, they specifically helped me with a long-standing SEO & analytics problem on a website of ours, and in a matter of weeks had solved the issue. Always helpful and always friendly, they come highly recommended.

Jools Taylor, Festwich


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