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Our cryptocurrency experience

Members of our team have had experience in using bitcoin and other crypto currencies for many years, dating back to 2013. In fact, Chris and Dominic – our resident tech geeks – remember installing the very first Windows Bitcoin-QT wallet back in 2010 and talking about the possibilities for this interesting new technology.

Since then, our interest in the technology has continued, and we’ve watched it grow into the huge industry that it has now become.

It can be a minefield out there, but we can comfortably discuss DApps, NFTs, PoW and the countless other acronyms that exist.

We think understanding the way the blockchain works, the different platforms that exist, and the fundamentals behind smart contract platforms like Ethereum, BSC and Polygon is important when creating crypto related websites.

We combine this knowledge with our expert design, UX and development skills to bring the very best websites to life.

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Designing beautiful blockchain related websites

We’re currently working on a number of blockchain website projects, and the process we go through on all of them is the same as how we approach any other website project.

  1. Discovery & Onboarding
  2. Wireframing & Visual Design Prototyping in Adobe XD
  3. Development
  4. Content Addition
  5. Testing & Quality Assurance
  6. Launch & Support

Using your sitemap, brand guidelines, key requirements and all other important information supplied, we’ll look to establish a detailed user journey for your full website. These initial design stages are key to getting the right look and feel of the website, and the design stage can form up to 50% of the overall project timescale.

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How you can accept crypto payments on your website

We recently published a blog article detailing the steps required to allow customers to pay for goods using crypto currencies. Giving your customers more options to pay can only help to increase your sales, and can often be a clever form of marketing to gain exposure to a new audience.

In the article we compiled a list of the most popular crypto gateways for each of three popular content management systems – WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento.

Read it in full here – How to accept cryptocurrencies on your ecommerce website (opens in new window).

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See our credentials for yourself

We were voted the Digital Agency of the Year at the prestigious MPA Awards 2021, and we’ve won or been nominated for plenty more. For more direct crypto kudos, see below:

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How to accept cryptocurrencies on your ecommerce website
Our detailed blog post about how you can start accept cryptocurrency payments on your website quickly and easily.

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