How to Refresh your Browser Cache

Clear and refresh your cache in popular browsers

When you visit a website your computer “saves” (caches) parts of it to help it load faster the next time you visit it. This could be your log-in details, site setting preferences or even parts of the websites code. It’s beneficial to clear your cache every now and then to clear up some room on your computer – or if you are frequently checking a website and want to make sure you’re seeing the most up-to-date information as possible.

Clear your Google Chrome cache

Clearing your cache in Google Chrome is super simple. Just press ctrl+shift+delete and you’ll be taken to the clear cache menu. Everything is already pre-selected – just click clear data and you’re done! You can also clear your cache by holding down ctrl and clicking on the refresh icon, or by opening the page in an Incognito tab – which won’t cache any data at all.

Refresh your Microsoft Edge cache

To clear your cache in Microsoft Edge, go to edge://settings/  and then the Privacy, search and settings tab. If you then scroll down to Clear browsing data you’l see a button that says choose what to clear. This will open up a pop-up with several options in it – we just want to select Cached images and files and click okay – then we’re done! Edge also has inPrivate – their version of Chome’s Incognito – you can even open it up with the same shortcut, ctrl+shift+n.

Clear your Firefox cache

To clear your cache in Firefox click on the menu icon in the top right and then select Options. From there, scroll down to Privacy & Security. You’ll then see a Clear Data button – click on this and then deselect Cookies and Site Data (this will sign you out of most sites and could have other unintended side effects). Then just click Clear and you’re done! Like the previous browsers on this list, you can also open a Private Firefox window with ctrl+shift+p or through the menu, which won’t cache any data.

Refresh your Safari browser cache

If you’re on a Mac, you can clear your Safari cache with a super simple command – cmd+alt+e – this will open up a popup with a Clear cache button. You can also open a private window with File > New Private Window. If you’re on a mobile there’s a few more steps. You’ll have to go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data and then tap on Remove All Website Data. There is also an option to browse in a private tab on mobile on the tab selection screen.

Clear your Opera cache

There’s a super simple command to clear your cache in Opera, ctrl+shift+delete – it’ll take you straight to the Clear browsing data menu, just be sure to untick Browsing history and Cookies and other site data if you would like to keep those. Opera also has a Private mode with the same shortcut as Chrome ctrl+shift+n (they even copied the icon!).