Caines Law


Caines Law are a national law firm with a wealth of experience, and specialists in motoring offences, employment law, personal injury, professional discipline and criminal law.

On a lighter note, they are not your typical law firm, and quoting their about page, they are "are dynamic figures, often scaling walls and crushing ice. We have been known to remodel tube stations in our lunch breaks, making them more efficient in the area of heat retention."

Date October 2016
Our Mission
  • Web Design
  • Wordpress Build
  • Logo Design

They chose us to design & build their dynamic new website after reading many of our online reviews, and being convinces that we were the ideal agency they wanted to work with. The end product is a mobile-friendly website, which stands out from the crowd of identikit websites, and shouts deservedly, “look at me, look at me.”

Insights from a digital agency

Hi !

Thanks for stopping by our site. We hope you like what you see. If you want to ask us a question or get a quote on a website simply send us a message or give us a call on 0161 713 1700.

We're based in Ancoats in Virginia House, Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 5AD. Please get in touch if you want to chat about any potential projects.


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